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Check out what is coming up this summer in our Trains & Tots program! Registration will be open soon!

Week 1 - June 11th, 2024

All Aboard

🚂 All Aboard for Tots' Train-Tastic Adventures!

Calling all 0-3-year-old adventurers! This week, our Trains and Tots program invites your little ones to a world of train excitement. With a cheerful train song, a captivating read-aloud about trains, and a journey through our delightful train room, the train fun never stops. Tots will also engage in imaginative training and craft activities that spark creativity.

Week 2 - June 18th, 2024


🌈 Where Colors Unite and Friendships Ignite

This week's theme is all about colour and inclusivity. Join us for a delightful journey where your little ones will discover the magic of sign language, dive into a captivating read-aloud session, and participate in a colorful matching activity. As they create friendship bracelets, they'll be celebrating newfound friendships formed during this enchanting experience. Let's explore, learn, and share the joy of inclusivity together!

Week 3 - June 25th, 2024

Counting Train Cars

🔢 Riding the Number Train, Counting the Fun!

Join Trains & Tots for a magical number train adventure! Your little ones will sing, play, and learn to love numbers. From our train car art activity to an exciting train tracks game, the fun never stops. Nurture early numeracy skills with us.

Week 4- July 2nd, 2024

Locomotive Letters 

🔠 Embark on a Locomotive Letters Adventure!

Join us for a delightful day where the enchanting world of trains collides with early literacy. The adventure begins with a captivating train song and a charming alphabet book, immersing little ones in the joy of letters. Our unique blend of activities includes learning a new sign language sign, conquering a thrilling Letter Obstacle Course, and crafting a personalized Letter Smokestack. Don't miss the chance to ignite your child's curiosity and creativity!

Week 5  - July 9th, 2024

Shapes on the Tracks

🔺 Where Creativity Rides the Rails and Shapes Flourish

Hop aboard for a thrilling exploration into the world of shapes this week! Join us for an exciting journey where your little conductors will unravel the mysteries of sign language, get caught up in an engaging story time adventure, and immerse themselves in a hands-on activity that shapes the fun. As they piece together popsicle stick puzzles to craft their very own train cars and play a riveting game of Train Shape Twister, they'll be forging friendships and celebrating the joy of shaping experiences together. Let's embark on this imaginative ride, learn, and craft lasting memories together.