Collecting Histories

The official opening of the exhibition Collecting Histories at PumpHouse has been delayed by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since the PumpHouse cannot open to the public, the City of Kingston has an opportunity to share some of the collections and messages from the exhibition in a virtual space, and at the same time, to engage Kingston residents about their own objects and stories that they would like to share with others in the community and in this moment of physical distancing.

This multi-phased engagement will guide residents through a community conversation that explores the City’s Civic Collection, the collections of residents who would like to share, and how we can and will remember this unique period in Kingston’s history.

What is Collecting Histories? This exhibition explores the City of Kingston Civic Collection’s special role in engaging and inspiring us through the history of our own community. Collecting Histories shares some of the fascinating historical, archival, archaeological and artistic works we have now and presents the challenges and opportunities we face in building a collection that represents the many facets of our community experience in an effective and inclusive way.

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