While we are #TogetherAtHome let's continue to extend our learning! The PumpHouse and MacLachlan Woodworking Museum are happy to offer downloadable PDF Activity Pages to keep your family engaged with STEAM education.

Activities are adapted from our regular programming for Trains & Tots (0-3 years) and education programs (Grade 1-8).

Let's Explore Textures!

We love to explore objects with our hands!  Let's use our hands and dough to see what impressions we can make with objects. Click here to download: Let's Explore Textures!

Colour & Collect!

Let's explore the world through colour! Using eyes and hands, tots, will create a colourful container and go on a hunt to fill it with colourful objects. Click here to download: Colour & Collect!

Patterns and Printmaking

Let's go for a walk and explore textures through art! We will create rubbings to capture the different textures of objects we find outside or in our home. Click here to download: Patterns and Printmaking

Be a Field Naturalist!

Field naturalists identify plants, animals, insects and rocks. They like to share their information and educate others. Let's be field naturalists by exploring the nature near us! Click here to download: Be a Field Naturalist!

Kinetic Sculpture

What forces make things move? What are objects that move in the wind? Using wind as a force, design a kinetic sculpture that uses wind to move. Click here to download: Kinetic Sculpture

Home is Where the Treasure is: A Mapping Activity

X marks the spot! Let's hide treasure and send our family on a treasure hunt! Let's explore what maps can do, how we read them and design a treasure hunt at home. Click here to download: Home is Where the Treasure Is

I Spy... Simple Machines!

I spy with my little eye... simple machines! Simple machines can be found everywhere. Let's review the 6 types of simple machines and see how many we can find at home! Click here to download: I Spy... Simple Machines!

Spinning Pinwheel

Pinwheels are a toy that use a wheel and axle to create movement. Create your very own pinwheel toy and explore how this type of simple machine works! Click here to download: Spinning Pinwheel

Tents & Tunnels!

Are you holding down the fort at home? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Build a fort with creative tunnels to exercise your STEAM skills. Click here to download: Tents & Tunnels

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

We're only a click away! Did you know that you can explore our museums online? While we're together at home, try our virtual scavenger hunts and see what you can discover at the PumpHouse and MacLachlan Woodworking Museum!

Click here to download: PumpHouse Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Click here to download: PumpHouse Story Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download: MacLachlan Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Click here to download: MacLachlan Story Scavenger Hunt


Check back for updates that will be coming throughout the weeks.


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